Thank You, APS Board of Education

APS Board of Education
APS Board of Education members clockwise standing from left: Barbara Yamrick, Cathy Wildman, Eric Nelson, Dan Jorgensen, Monica Colbert. Sitting from left : Board President Amber Drevon, Superintendent Rico Munn and JulieMarie A. Shepherd.


January is School Board Recognition Month, and APS staff, students, parents and community members are excited to sing their praises. APS is grateful for the numerous sacrifices each Board of Education member has made and continues to make to help every student shape a successful future.

APS board members go the extra mile for our students with no reservations. They spend their personal time attending meetings; participating in school functions; reviewing reports, agendas and proposals; and making important decisions for the benefit of all APS students. School board members receive no financial compensation for the countless hours they serve.

Please take a moment to share your gratitude with a board member for giving so selflessly of themselves to serve the APS community.