Maintenance and Operations Staff Raise Over $500 for Aurora Community

M&O DonationEven though the holiday season is in the rear view mirror, APS is making sure that the jolly good deeds of 2016 don't go unnoticed. 

Members of the Maintenance and Operations Department raised more than $550 and a team of staff purchased food -- presented in multiple food baskets -- for APS students and families in need. Recipients were identified anonymously and staff members delivered the contributions about a week before Christmas. Their generosity didn't stop there, however, as staff also bought coats, gloves and hats to give to the Aurora Welcome Center for distribution to the APS community.

"Our staff often drives by a school and sees students walking to school or walking home without coats, gloves and hats when it is cold outside," organizer and staff member Regina Springli said of the first-time event. "Several of our students come from other countries, and this is their first experience with cold weather or snow. What better way to welcome students to our community than to offer them a way to stay warm. It’s literally a warm welcome."

One of the APS 2020: Shaping the Future core beliefs states that “community partnerships provide vital resources and opportunities for students and families.” According to Springli, this donation reinforces that value and encourages togetherness.

"We are part of this community. The resources we need are right here. Why do we need to find outside resources when we have experts in our own community that are willing to help?"