A Closer Look at the 2016 APS Bond Beneficiaries

Thanks to the support of Aurora voters who approved a $300 million bond measure in November, Aurora Public Schools students will soon learn in improved school facilities.

The $300 million bond measure was based on the recommendations of the APS Long Range Facilities Advisory Committee (LRFAC), a group comprised of community members, parents, City of Aurora planning staff, and school and administrative staff. One of the APS 2020 core beliefs is that all students must have equitable access to learning opportunities, technology and environments that support them in reaching their full potential. With that in mind, bond projects will benefit every student and every school in APS.

The first major bond project of 2017 will be the Mrachek Middle School rebuild. Below, a few Mrachek students shared their thoughts and excitement about the new school.

Bond-Beneficiaries-student-collage-2What do you think about Mrachek’s current school design?

Willow Otte: The layout of our current school is really confusing. I don’t like that I have to walk through other classrooms to get to my class.

Amelia Barajas: I don’t like that the sixth graders have to have class in the mobiles. It makes us feel disconnected from the rest of the school.

What are you most excited about for the new building?

Otte: Most kids are excited about the new gym. I’m most excited to have a locker and a bigger cafeteria.

Barajas: I’m excited about the new mascot. I grew up with the Knights and I don’t like it. My mom went to school at Mrachek and so did my sister and they were the Knights. It is time to update the mascot.

Alex Thomas: I am excited about the new design of the building.

Anthony Harris: I won’t actually get to attend the new Mrachek Middle School. But I’m most excited about the school having more space and a bigger cafeteria, so hopefully students won’t have to squish together to find a seat.