Aurora Central Students Learn Power of Volunteerism

ACHS Student VolunteersLending a helping hand is just one of the many creeds people stand upon with each passing day. Students from Aurora Central High School are no different.

A group of Trojans from the school's yearbook staff volunteered recently at a Boston P-8 for a variety of events, including its book fair. Central students read books aloud to the kids and helped them choose literature that would interest them. In addition, the students helped translate for some of the Boston parents during teacher conferences.

"The part I liked the most was to help translate because I found it so adorable when the kids would show their parents the stuff they worked on in class,” said student Maria Jimenez.

When all was said and done, Central students took time to reflect on their community service, with replies ranging from “what I liked about helping the community was seeing the joy of making others happy or at least smile” to “I was able to do things I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t got to because of how shy I am.” 

These young adults are capitalizing on the APS 2020 core belief that students take an active and ongoing responsibility for their learning. All participants said they look forward to finding more opportunities to help the Aurora community.