Passion for Pediatrics Leads Aurora Central Seniors on Medical School Journey

Aurora Central High School seniors Jesús Dorado Madera (pictured left) and Yishak Bedaso worked hard to earn a spot at the top of their class, but their ambitions don’t stop there. The aspiring doctors are gearing up to make their mark in the prestigious University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine Program.

The program supports extraordinary students from diverse backgrounds who wish to serve Colorado as primary care physicians. Only eight out of hundreds of applicants were welcomed into the medical cohort. It is rare for two students from one district to make the cut. To boast two students from one school says a great deal about the incredible work taking place in Central’s Aurora LIGHTS Health Sciences Academy Pathway.

Many students, including Dorado Madera and Bedaso, credit Aurora LIGHTS Instructor Amy Campbell’s rigorous, college-level teaching for making their dreams tangible. The skills students gain in Campbell’s courses are deemed advanced, preparing students for postsecondary and workforce success. To date, Campbell has mentored three students accepted into CU’s BA/BS MD Program—a feat not yet attained by another teacher in Colorado.

Dorado Madera and Bedaso, humble first-generation college students, will enjoy a UCD undergrad experience as roommates and guaranteed placement in the CU Anschutz Medical School. Both students are passionate about caring for children. Dorado Madera foresees an emergency physician career while Bedaso envisions life as a pediatric surgeon.

APS is impressed with both students’ determination to overcome challenges to gain skills and earn esteemed credentials to shape a successful future. Just seven years ago, Bedaso and his family immigrated to the U.S. Although faced with learning English and assimilating to American culture, Bedaso exceeds all expectations.

So, how can other students triumph over hardships? Dorado Madera, who unfortunately encountered xenophobia on his path to a higher education, advises his peers to “have a positive outlook on everything that happens and be able to open your mind to criticism in order to grow as a person.”

We wish the future Dr. Dorado Madera and Dr. Bedaso the best in all of their future endeavors.

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