Aurora Hills’ ‘Socktober’ Fundraiser Pays Dividends

SocktoberStory and photos submitted by Aurora Hills Middle School Staff

In the month of October, Aurora Hills seventh-grade students launched a "Socktober" campaign. They paired with LIMBS International to raise money and awareness to support individuals in need of prosthetic legs. The students sold pairs of socks to help raise money for prosthetics. LIMBS international received all proceeds from the sock donation project and in turn donated one pair of new socks back to Aurora Hills for every pair sold. Students took the new socks -- roughly 80 pairs -- and donated them to a local veterans hospital. 

Through their amazing efforts, student raised enough money to help buy a prosthetic leg to a woman in Cambodia. Their efforts also helped pay for part of a prosthetic for a woman in Liberia.

We applaud our students for making a change globally and locally as well as modeling an APS 2020 core belief by taking an active and ongoing responsibility for their learning