Students to Head to CU for Fifth-Grade College Experience

CU DenverStory by APS Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Team

On Saturday, May 20 the Elementary Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Team, in partnership with University of Colorado Denver, will host more than 1,000 APS fifth graders and their families for a fun-filled day at the Auraria Campus!  

Students and their families will start the day with a greeting from Milo the Lynx, CU Denver’s mascot. APS PWR Director Charles Dukes will follow with a welcome message connecting the experience to student middle school transitions as well as goal 1 of APS 2020, which pushes every student to have a plan for his or her future. Students will then attend a College 101 class, run by CU Denver’s admissions team. Students will learn what they need to do to prepare for college, watch a video demonstrating the collaborative class projects completed by CU Denver students and play a trivia game.

 As students transfer from the College 101 to a Q&A session hosted by current students, they will have the opportunity to take virtual tours of  a CU Denver’s dorm rooms, explore the Tivoli building and explore what the campus looks like during a busy school day.  Before students and their families head back to Aurora they will explore the Auraria Campus while partaking in a scavenger hunt!

Student and family registration will open soon, and we will update the APS community soon.  For questions, please contact APS Elementary PWR Coordinators Pam Rouch (Communities A & L),  Ayde Avila (Community P)  or Katie Gianatasio (Communities E & S).