APS Teachers Proud to Create a Culture of Thinking

Culture of ThinkingGone are the days when teachers give students an assignment -- or even just one problem to solve during class -- and expect them to complete it based on memory or other short-lived tactics. In Aurora Public Schools, that train of thought has long left the station. It's chugged forward towards a deeper level of thought and engagement from students. 

In several math classes throughout the district, teachers are taking a page out of Ron Ritchhart's book "Creating Cultures of Thinking" to intentionally challenge students to use their minds in ways they had not yet tapped into. The theory includes giving students private time to develop a reasoning for their answers to math questions and problems. According to several teachers, this new classroom culture lets students know that their thinking is valued and appreciated. It validates their reasoning while helping them come up with the right answers. 

So far, APS teachers are enjoying this nontraditional approach to teaching and learning and they hope it will help students realize their own potential. 

Check out the video below to see the great work taking place in math classrooms across APS!