Data Strategy Sessions Helping School Staff Improve Instruction

Learning Community PThere is more than one way to skin a cat, right? Most people would say yes, and Aurora Public Schools staff are taking the same approach regarding student achievement strategies. 

School staff in Learning Community P are taking collaboration to the next level by working together to spot trends in achievement data. Teachers, principals and other academic support staff are taking a deep look at data to help devise new, innovative strategies to help students master content. This effort aligns with the APS 2020 core belief that student achievement and growth are driven by a highly-effective and respected staff working as a team.

A large part of the learning community's strategy is to intentionally change instruction and differentiate lessons for certain students. 

"It's truly a community effort," said Andre Wright, director of learning community P. "Our goal is to make sure we can analyze what interim assessment is saying to us, develop reteaching plan for students and move academic outcomes for all of our kids forward."

Take a glimpse below at the process of how multiple learning community members collaborate to improve outcomes for all students in community P.