Recognizing Excellence in APS

Dan Brassfield - CopyAurora Public Schools is excited to see the APS 2020: Shaping the Future strategic plan coming to life across the district. Students, parents, staff and community members are going above and beyond to ensure APS students have the plans, skills and credentials they need to shape successful futures.

Each month, we celebrate great examples of this work in our P-20 Learning Communities. Following are highlights from Community E.

Dan Brassfield
Side Creek Elementary School parent Dan Brassfield (pictured right) is an incredible asset to the school. Mr. Brassfield volunteered every single week as a Watch D.O.G.S. dad during the first semester. He helped students gain reading, math and language skills.

Mr. Brassfield helped teach students teamwork, cooperation and social skills. He also organized football games for students during recess. He leaves a lasting impression on Side Creek students, staff, parents and community members.

Melissa Higgins
Murphy Creek P-8 seventh-grade math teacher Melissa Higgins piloted APS’ first middle school math program this year. She paired the digitally-based Pearson system with a Culture of Thinking.

What truly stands out is Ms. Higgins’ attitude during the whole process. She never balked at the extended hours she invested and was delighted to open her classroom to teachers and district leaders during learning walks.

Jessica Massie
Although Vassar Elementary School’s Community Corps Liaison Jessica Massie has only served in her role for two years, she has founded and facilitated various student programs. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, students can now enjoy a fitness club, a leadership and philanthropic club, connect with mentors and more.

In addition, Ms. Massie volunteers her time after school to lend a helping hand at school events and attends every PTO meeting. Outside of school, she volunteers in the community, raising funds and giving of her talents to help disadvantaged families.

Dr. Diardra Gascon
Mrachek Middle School STEM teacher Dr. Diardra Gascon is the glue that binds the Mrachek family. She makes it a point every day to truly connect with students. Dr. Gascon understands students’ unique abilities and is able to engage and challenge them.

She also pours the same amount of energy into building relationships among staff. She encourages her colleagues to embrace teamwork and create synergy to have a positive impact on student achievement. Dr. Gascon has helped foster a collaborative school culture that puts students’ needs first and encourages staff to support each other.

We thank each individual for making a difference in our students’ lives by dedicating their time, talents and resources.