Vista PEAK Exploratory Students Explore Their Future Career Paths

zoo 3Submitted by Jenise Rosa
Aurora Public Schools

Hundreds of excited Vista PEAK Exploratory students recently entered their learning commons ready to plan for their futures. The school's youngest students (in grades K-2) were greeted by a wide variety of professionals who were thrilled to share exciting information about their careers. Many of the volunteers said engaging with such young students who are in the very early stages of planning for their futures was incredibly inspiring. 

Many students dressed up to fit the profession that they're interested in pursuing including future chefs, athletes, doctors and fire chiefs.

Throughout the day, students engaged in hands-on activities and conversations that peaked their curiosity and taught them valuable lessons. From firefighters to zookeepers, scientists to estheticians, police officers to event planners – students laughed, learned and loved talking to the professionals!

This is the third annual Mini Career Fair at Vista PEAK Exploratory. The event gets bigger and better every year as the word gets out and professionals look forward to participating!