Meadowood Preschoolers Challenged with Rigorous Coursework

Erin Uhernik - Copy
Rigorous instruction and high expectations are not only reserved for older students in Aurora Public Schools. At Meadowood Child Development Center, teachers are closing the achievement gap early on by challenging our three- and four-year-olds to expand their minds far beyond ABCs and 1, 2, 3s.

To start, Meadowood staff focused their attention on equity in the classroom and began creating engaging experience-based projects that help students develop critical thinking, collaboration and invention skills.

One project, led by Meadowood teacher Erin Uhernik (pictured right), featured doctored photos of an unruly chicken caught red-handed stealing from the classroom. Across the hall, teacher Erin Whitney (pictured below) presented The Case of the Missing Joey where a fictitious baby kangaroo strayed from its mother and needed help finding its way back home.

Erin Whitney - CopyBoth projects encouraged students to learn more about these animals and determine the best ways to catch them. Students tapped into deeper levels of thought to design and construct sophisticated traps and reflect on ways to increase the traps’ efficiencies. Students also learned the value in collaborating with others, experienced empathy, demonstrated their ability to analyze a situation and proposed effective solutions.

Other experiences at the school include exposing students to sea life, gardening and more. Thank you to Meadowood staff for your hard work and dedication to laying a solid foundation for our youth.




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