Dozens of Columbia Middle School Students Pen Inspiring Personal Essays About Their Teachers

More than 60 Columbia Middle School students submitted essays about how much they appreciate their teachers.

More than 60 Columbia Middle School students submitted heartfelt personal essays about why they appreciate their teachers in the Barnes & Noble My Favorite Teacher Contest.

Staff members with the local Barnes & Noble bookstore located at 170 South Abilene Street were stunned to see so many submissions from one school. They were inspired after reading the students' stories, which confirmed their suspicions that Columbia Middle School is an incredible place for students to learn.

The bookstore's South Abilene location hosted various events and helped raise funds for the school.

Below are some short excerpts from the student essays:

“She has helped me with lots of emotional problems, learning to actually like school and my education. She has made a big change in my life.”

“You are a role model to me, and I look up to you for inspiration. You’re such an amazing person and teacher. I wouldn’t ask for a better one!”

“Another way she has influenced me is that she has helped me get over my shyness...Now, I want to be a teacher.”

“He is honest with students and he is determined to help us with the science that he's teaching. He has influenced me to do more with science and he has also helped me with science questions.”

“I’m getting smarter every day because of you. There’s so much I have learned and this is all because of you.”