Supt. Message: Board Meeting Update – 4/4/2017

On Tuesday, the Board held its monthly business meeting.  The Board began the meeting by recognizing several members of Learning Community L for their commitment and dedication to shaping successful futures for students.  The group included parents, students and staff members who are great examples of APS’ work.

The Board receives public comment at each meeting.  This particular meeting included a group of students who came out to talk about their experiences as refugees and immigrants.  The Board does not engage in a dialogue during public comment but they thanked the students for their stories and their willingness to share their experiences.  Earlier in the week, the Board was reminded of the procedures we have in place to address expressed concerns about immigration issues (view the immigration request memo). 

The majority of the meeting was dedicated to a presentation and dialogue about our CORE schools.  CORE is the district framework for addressing school reform  (See  In the spring semester district leadership asks the Board to focus on any of our schools that are either designated as “Turnaround” or Year 3 on the State Accountability Clock.  In the referenced cases, a recommendation is made as to next steps for supporting increased student achievement.  Tuesday marked the third year of recommendations being brought before the Board under this framework.  The Board indicated acceptance of the recommendations for the current group of schools (all subject schools are aware of the recommendations). 

As always, you may view any of the Board presentations and minutes on our website.

Rico Munn
Aurora Public Schools

“My job is to accelerate learning for every APS student, every day.  I do my job by making sure we have the right people, doing the right work, with the right resources in the right way.  My community needs me to do my job.”