Vista PEAK Exploratory Students Pay It Forward During PoWeR Session

Vista-PEAK-Photo-1Students at Vista PEAK Exploratory regularly participate in Post-secondary and Workforce Readiness sessions known as PoWeR sessions throughout the year. Recently, one of those sessions focused on quilting and learning basic sewing skills.

The students who participated knew they had an opportunity to do much more than just master a craft, so they donated the baby blankets they made to children at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Middle school guidance counselor Lauren Hill and English language acquisition teacher Shelby Chase also taught the students in grades 3-7 to make pot holders, bags and a group quilt.

"This is the best PoWeR session I have ever attended," said Ella Rosa who has been a student at Vista PEAK Exploratory for the past six years.

Most of the materials including fabric and sewing machines were donated by community members, so donating the baby blankets was the school's way of paying it forward.

Students said they were thrilled to learn a new skill and give back to the community in a meaningful way.

"The most fun thing about this session is learning how to use a sewing machine," said DraKari Nubine, a fourth-grade student at Vista PEAK Exploratory.