Thank You, APS School Nutrition Employees, Nurses and Teachers!

thank-you-languages-postMay is a month of gratitude as Aurora Public Schools recognizes our school nutrition employees, nurses and teachers for helping our students shape successful futures.

Join us in celebration of School Nutrition Employee Week (May 1-5), National Nurses Week (May 6-12) and National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-13) to honor these amazing professionals for their contributions to education.

Together, they create positive learning environments for students. Our nutrition team serves healthy breakfast and lunch meals that provide students the fuel they need to learn. Our nurses tend to students’ health needs while our teachers make learning engaging so every student can reach their full potential.

In APS, we believe that student achievement and growth are driven by a highly-effective and respected staff working as a team.  We are proud to have these unsung heroes on our team…and so are our students!

Adeline and Eliana - Copy“We really like our lunch ladies. They are all hardworking people who make delicious food for everyone every day. Our favorites are the pizza, sides and chocolate milk!” – Adeline and Eliana Klingensmith, Sixth & Fourth Grade Montview Math & Health Sciences Elementary School


William - Copy“Whenever I say ‘good morning’ to Ms. [Carmel] Delvin, she says it back with a smile. She’s a nurse who always knows what I need and when the school bus pulls up, she’ll help the kids in wheelchairs. She’s really nice.” – William Eiseman, Seventh Grade South Middle School


Jose - Copy“My math teacher, Ms. [Katherine] Avendano-Curiel, makes learning fun! She’s optimistic and creates a good vibe that keeps us upbeat. It’s hard to be sad or in a bad mood in her class because she’ll always lift you up.” – José Tena Sanchez, 11th Grade Aurora West College Preparatory Academy