APS Elementary Students Encouraged to Become “Helmet Heads”


Although Colorado's crazy weather has turned colder again, it will soon be summer and that means more kids will be playing outside on their bikes, scooters and skateboards. Dozens of students from Aurora Public Schools will be much safer participating in these activities this year thanks to new helmets that were donated by an organization called Helmet Heads. An emergency medicine physician with Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Bruce Evans, created Helmet Heads in 2010. He said he's a big fan of preventive medicine and wanted to create a way to keep more kids from making unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

Dr. Evans and his team of volunteer medical students recently taught the Helmet Heads program to 2nd grade students at Fletcher Community School and Paris, Montview and Crawford Elementary Schools. To illustrate the importance of wearing a helmet, they compared a child's skull to a coconut. They had a student drop a heavy weight on a coconut to show what kind of head injuries can happen when falling from a bike or a scooter. Then, they put another coconut inside a helmet and showed how it was protected against injury from the weight. After the demonstration, students eagerly lined up to get fitted for their free new helmets.

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