Supt. Message: Board Meeting Update – 5/16/2017

On Tuesday, the Board held its regular monthly Workshop meeting. The last several meetings of the year tend to have a very long and packed agenda. For this meeting, there were five topics I wanted to highlight: 

  1. “Resolution to Reaffirm Inclusive Practices….”

The Board took up and adopted a resolution first brought to them by parents and a community group.  In large part, the Resolution reaffirms existing APS practices and policy as it relates to serving and educating students regardless of their documentation status. In particular, the Resolution expressly supports our February 24th All Staff memo which addressed our practices and procedures for any interaction with immigration officials. As we start the 17-18 school year we will communicate our policies in keeping with the memo and the Resolution.

  1. Community Schools

The Board heard an AEA presentation regarding an interest in designing a Teacher-Powered Community School. The presentation discussed the model and offered examples of its implementation in places around the country. The Board encouraged AEA to work with district leadership to see if there was a way to move forward in implementing such a design.

  1. Strategic Plan

The Board heard an update on the implementation of Goal 3 of the Plan. The discussion included a review of the process for building capacity to meet the new graduation requirements, a review of curricular shifts, and, some of the work to meet the current and future technological needs of the district. The Board identified both progress and challenges ahead in meeting the goals of the Plan.

  1. Kelly Services

The Board heard an update on the pilot of Kelly Services. The presentation included an analysis of a year to year comparison of the substitute fill rate by month. A key data point for the Board was that while absences had a dramatic increase, Kelly was still able to increase the fill rate by a significant percentage. The Board indicated support for moving ahead to a new contract with Kelly. The formal contract vote is scheduled for the next meeting. 

  1. Climate Survey

Finally, the Board reviewed the 16-17 climate survey. The presentation included the results of the Parent, Student, TELL, Classified and APT surveys. The Board indicated their greatest concern was related to indicators of a lack of trust across the District. The Board would like to go beyond the climate survey and see how other data points might inform them about any issues.

As always, , all of the Board presentations and minutes are available on our website.

Rico Munn
Aurora Public Schools

“My job is to accelerate learning for every APS student, every day.  I do my job by making sure we have the right people, doing the right work, with the right resources in the right way.  My community needs me to do my job.”