APS Earns Gold Standard of Excellence for Healthy Facilities

Aurora Public Schools is being recognized as a national leader for maintaining clean and healthy learning environments for students and staff. The Gold Standard of Excellence is one of three Healthy Facilities awards given to schools that have strongly demonstrated this commitment.

The program, developed by School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management magazines, in partnership with the Healthy Facilities Institute, is designed to motivate schools to model healthy and safe indoor environments.

According to Dr. David Mudarri of the HFI, “A healthy mind and healthy body go together. Research shows improved indoor environments can have a profound effect on human health, enhancing the ability to learn.”

This recognition reinforces the important and necessary work APS maintenance, operations, construction and support staff provide to our facilities. Thank you to our team for making this possible.

APS will continue to demonstrate our commitment toward safe, healthy learning environments that enable our students to shape successful futures.