Supt. Message: Board Meeting Update – 9/5/2017

On Tuesday, September 5, the BOE held its monthly business meeting. Last year, the Board began a practice of monthly recognitions for people or organizations that were examples of our work under the Strategic Plan.  At this meeting the Board was honored to recognize: a student from Sable Elementary who showed academic resilience by his hard work to improve his PARCC outcomes; one of our district translators, Patricia Shaw, for her ongoing efforts to provide access to our families; and, finally, there was a check presentation from the Colfax Marathon to the APS Foundation. An Aurora Public Schools Team (“Where the Wild Things Run”) placed 3rd in the Women's Division at the Colfax Marathon Government Cup relay. The Board applauded our student, staff and community members for their dedication.

The brunt of the Board’s time was spent reviewing the new State Accountability Frameworks for the District and each of our schools. As you know, the District has moved up to a new accountability rating. Further, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of schools rated in the top two tiers of the Frameworks. 

Finally, the Board heard an update from the APS Foundation about its work to support scholarships and to open College and Career Centers across the District.

As always, you can review copies of presentations and Board minutes from our website

Rico Munn
Aurora Public Schools

“My job is to accelerate learning for every APS student, every day.  I do my job by making sure we have the right people, doing the right work, with the right resources in the right way.  My community needs me to do my job.”