Supt. Message: Board Meeting Update – 9/19/2017

On Tuesday the Board held its monthly Workshop session.  This was the first meeting held in the new Boardroom inside the PLCC.  The new room provides the community with the opportunity to hear and view Board presentations from outside of the Boardroom during the meeting.  The new setting should allow for a more open and inviting atmosphere for community members who want to attend meetings.

The Board covered three major topics at this meeting:

First, the Board heard the quarterly report of the District’s internal auditor.  The Board tasks our independent auditor to complete a regular analysis of administration’s compliance with Board policy.  The Board receives quarterly reports which identify whether or not District actions comply with Board directives.

Second, the Office of Autonomous Schools presented an update on the ACTION (Innovation) Zone.  Per the Board’s program monitoring protocols, they heard a presentation about the program implementation and assessment data from the five schools that are part of the Zone.  In addition, the Board was briefed on priorities for the 17-18 SY and expected outcomes.

Finally, the Board heard an update on our reform framework (CORE).  The CORE report addressed status of our capacity building programs, indicated progress with schools that were previously identified as a focus of reform efforts; and, identified schools which will be a focus school for the 17-18 school year.

As always, you may review Board minutes and meeting presentations from our website

Rico Munn
Aurora Public Schools

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