October is College and Career Success Month!

Kids Tech Graduation 2015As part of our strategic plan APS 2020, every APS student starting in kindergarten will develop a plan for his or her future. These plans evolve and develop as students get older, reflecting their interests and helping them regularly set and meet goals. Throughout October, students explore their future options more in depth as part of College and Career Success Month. In addition to the extra opportunities students have this month to explore their futures in the classroom, we encourage parents to do the same at home.

We know that parents are our students' first teachers and play a huge role in influencing their planning. It is never too early to start talking to children about their dreams, goals and career interests. Below are a few suggestions to begin these conversations:

  • Talk to your children…and talk to them often. Have open and honest conversations with your student about their hopes, passions, dreams and plans and then work together to set goals and obtain the resources and support that you need.
  • Vista PEAK Graduation Photo 2017Share your own stories with your children about your career journey. Explain your process--the ups and downs and everything in between. Our students learn from our successes and how we overcame challenges.
  • Help your children explore careers that match their interests. For example, if your student is interested in rocks, let him/her know about geology and what it means to be a scientist.
  • Go on family field trips. Take the time to explore local colleges and universities in your area. Going on a road trip? Make some quick stops at colleges along the way.
  • Review our new and more rigorous graduation requirements with your student. You can watch a video and learn more at aurorak12.org/requirements.

Please know that counselors, teachers and other school staff members are happy to help your family as you navigate through this process. To learn more about college and career success, visit ccs.aurorak12.org.