Students Trek through Exciting Career Paths at Annual Fair

Our first goal in APS is to ensure every student has a plan for his or her future. Before freshman year, our students are encouraged to map out their high school careers to prepare for college and career success. That’s why our annual CareerTrek event is a big hit!

More than 2,500 eighth-grade students from across the district recently gathered to attend the fair and engage with experts from a variety of fields. The exposure gave students the inside scoop on what life is like in various positions. Students spoke with everyone from roofing specialists to medical professionals, law enforcers to horticulturists, engineers to hospitality gurus and more. They also enjoyed hands-on learning experiences with graphic design, cosmetology, virtual reality and other exciting careers.

In another room, students learned tips and tricks on how to land their dream jobs. They participated in mock interviews, learned how to build their resumes, tie a tie and more.

APS is excited to see students explore different careers and expand their views of what opportunities lie ahead. We look forward to similar district events during October as we celebrate College and Career Success Month!

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