Emergency School Closure Information

If Aurora Public Schools closes schools or delays start times, the news will be shared via the following:

  • Automated phone calls to parents and staff
  • Local television and radio stations
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • APS website
  • APS Emergency Line (303-326-1080)
  • APS Mobile App

Weather Conditions

When inclement weather hits Aurora, APS staff members assess conditions beginning just after midnight to determine the impact on operations. If there is a need to close schools or delay the start of the school day, Superintendent Rico Munn and staff will make the decision as early as possible.

Delayed Start Times

Should APS staff make the decision to delay school, the school day would begin one hour later than normal. APS buses would pick up students one hour later than normal. Staff members are expected to arrive at school as close to their regular start time as is safely possible.

Please note: A delayed start does not change regular pick-up times at the end of the school day.

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