APS Nutrition Services Team Brings Health and Happiness to Students

The Aurora Public Schools Nutrition Services Department supports education by operating the school lunch and breakfast programs, serving nutritious meals to district students and adults. On average, they serve more than 36,000 meals each day! The team also operates the summer meal program and offers nutrition education and in-service programs. 

APS follows the GO-SLOW-WHOA criteria, which is used to guide children and families toward making healthy food choices.

GO foods are lowest in fat and sugar, relatively low in calories and nutrient dense.
Examples: Fruits, vegetables, whole-grain foods, lean meats and lower-fat milk and dairy products.
SLOW foods are higher in fat added sugar and calories, and are where we find many combination foods and entrée items and a number of processed foods.
Examples: Pancakes, bagels, dark meat, chicken and turkey sausage.
WHOA foods are highest in fat and added sugar, calorie dense but often low in nutrients.
Examples: Fried foods, fatty meats, soda and snack foods.