Supt. Message: Board Meeting Update – 12/5/2017

The Board held two meetings last week.  On Sunday it held a retreat/orientation meeting and then on Tuesday the Board held its regular business meeting.  At the orientation meeting the Board worked with an external facilitator to go over its internal protocols such as drafting policies, committee assignments, communication processes and meeting norms.  The Board also assigned liaisons to each of our schools sites.

The Tuesday meeting began with a performance by South Middle School.  At the meeting the Board addressed: 

  • The District Mill rate certification.  This is a largely procedural process to set the mill rate in response to information from Adams and Arapahoe counties.
  • The District’s participation in the State interest free loan program.  This program provides an avenue for school districts to have cash flow if there is a gap between when tax dollars are collected and when cash needs to be expended.
  • Finally, the Board heard a presentation on the UIP process.  At its next meeting the Board will review the UIPs for any schools with a Turnaround or Priority Improvement SPF.  This presentation was a primer for that discussion.   

As always, you can access the Board minutes and presentations on our website

Rico Munn
Aurora Public Schools

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