Gateway High School Grants Holiday Wishes for APS Elementary Students

Students from Gateway High School take an APS elementary student on a holiday shopping trip at Target.

Gateway High School students really enjoyed their recent shopping trip even though they didn't buy a single thing for themselves. Gateway partnered with several APS elementary schools for its 4th annual “Shop With an Oly” day (“Oly” is short for Olympian, Gateway’s mascot). Gateway helped 80 elementary students and their families who are in need.

For Shop With an Oly, Gateway puts more than 300 of its students into groups of four and each group raises $100. The high school groups are then paired with an elementary student to go on a fun-filled holiday shopping trip at Target. The elementary students use the money the Gateway students raised to pick presents for themselves and their families.

Shop With an Oly is an amazing way for the high school students to give back to their community. It’s also a magical day for the elementary students who get to enjoy a memorable holiday experience.

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