Pickens Culinary Students Dish Up Special Meal to Give Back to the Community

Written by Adam O’Leary and Tiffani Antinora

Pickens Technical College Culinary Arts Program students recently catered a holiday dinner for the Boettcher Boys & Girls Club of Denver. They served 150 family members, volunteers and employees savory pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, baked macaroni and cheese, spring baby greens, holiday cupcakes, candied pretzels and more.

Pickens student Teon Holt, who earned the Boettcher Boys and Girls Club “Youth of the Year” award in 2009, said the club significantly and positively impacted his life. That’s why he and his classmates decided to host an event for the entire Boettcher Boys and Girls Club community.

Picken’s Culinary Arts Program emphasizes the importance of service, encouraging future chefs to use their skills to help others. After being asked how they could give back, the culinary students initiated this awesome meal program. Through this service project, students learned the importance of community outreach and how rewarding giving back can be.

The Boys and Girls Club organization has many locations throughout the United States and the Denver area. Boys and Girls Clubs provide a full range of programs and activities for all of its members. The Boettcher Club boasts an education center, cultural arts center, technology lab, weight training room, kitchen, gym, social recreation room and a teen game room. Children of all ages can come together in this safe space and be themselves while learning and forming important relationships.

Thanks to Pickens’ culinary arts students, many more families in their community had a bright, happy and healthy holiday season. In APS, we believe every student has unique abilities we must recognize and engage. We are proud to see our students use their abilities for the greater good and hope that doing so will continue to bring them smiles and satisfaction.

*Photos provided by Pickens Technical College Photography Program

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