Kaiser Permanente: Jessica O’Muireadhaigh Featured on KP Thriving Schools Honor Roll


Jessica O’Muireadhaigh

Region: Colorado
Title/Role: Director of Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Health
Organization/School District: Aurora Public Schools

Great leaders have great vision. Jessica O’Muireadhaigh demonstrates that having a strong vision for what’s possible can bring school communities together in powerful ways to heal wounds, build resilience, and foster academic success.

Jessica’s visionary leadership is embodied in ways she practices and fosters Social Emotional Learning for all students and staff within Aurora Public Schools. Jessica challenges the status quo and is a true advocate for behavioral health supports for all students. She understands the power of story and wants all students to have a voice. She is the brain child behind A-story, an online platform for Aurora students to share, heal, and inspire others through their untold stories.

Jessica works tirelessly within Aurora Public Schools to support the social, emotional, and behavioral wellness of every student. She does this by making sure there are evidence-based systems in place that address prevention, intervention, and postvention. She leads this work with a child-centered passion that is infectious to all those around her.

Jessica is a high-energy, passionate, committed leader who makes her presence felt just by entering the room. She builds strong teams, works effectively with district leaders, encourages others, and teaches everyone around her that the possibilities are endless.