Concurrent Enrollment Options Open College Doors for Students

In Aurora Public Schools, students are hard at work mapping out their futures. Those maps – or plans – serve as blueprints for success once they graduate from high school. Whether they take advantage of the state’s Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT) Program or the APS Concurrent Enrollment Program, students are following their plans and gaining valuable credentials that will open doors to college and careers.

For two students in particular, the doors to postsecondary education have swung wide open.

ASCENT student Logan Medina has met all of the requirements for a high school diploma, but he chose to remain in school for a fifth year to take college courses for free.

“It’s great having a program that helps guide you and support you through the first year of college. It would have been a struggle going through the process by myself. And one year of free college never hurts.” -Logan Medina

Students like Medina are eligible for the ASCENT program when they complete at least 12 credit hours of postsecondary courses prior to their senior year of high school. ASCENT students are then able to take college courses for an additional year without paying tuition. APS consistently has the largest number of students enrolled in the ASCENT program in Colorado.

Vista PEAK Preparatory senior Simonia Kotilo is taking college classes while still in high school through the APS Concurrent Enrollment Program.  The program is an exciting partnership between the Community College of Aurora and APS that allows high school students to take approved classes at CCA for free.

“I am very grateful to APS for providing this program to students. It gives me the opportunity to save money and get ahead in my education." -Simonia Kotilo

With a concurrent enrollment program unmatched by other school districts, APS maintains its strong higher education partnerships and creates effective opportunities for students to shape successful futures.


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