Supt Message: Board Meeting Update – 2/6/2018

On Tuesday, February 6, the Board held its monthly business meeting. The Board agenda items were preceded by a lengthy public comment period. While public comment covered several topics, there were three main items raised by those signed up to speak: the proposed relocation of Vega charter school; the proposed revocation of Lyn Knoll’s pilot status; and, the request to renew the charter for Vanguard Classical School. As a general rule, the Board does not engage in a dialogue during public comment but, as necessary, district staff are assigned for appropriate follow up.

As for the agenda, the Board covered two main issues:

  • The Board voted to extend Lyn Knoll’s pilot status for one year. The Board agreed to address at a later meeting what conditions it would place on the one year extension.
  • The Board considered the recommendation to renew Vanguard’s charter with significant conditions related to its governance structure. The Board is expected to vote on the recommendation at its next meeting.

As always, you may review Board minutes and presentations on our website.

Rico Munn
Aurora Public Schools

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