Help Jamaica CDC Stock Their Mobile Library with Books!

Jamaica Child Development Center is an amazing community in APS. One of the things that makes us amazing is our diversity. Our students speak 18 different languages.

Our families had a dream to create a Mobile Library to support literacy not just at school but also at home.

We have been working since September 2017 to make this dream a reality. We have designed and built our mobile carts. We are now beginning the process to decorate them.

To complete the dream we need books to fill our shelves. We hope to raise money to buy an interesting collection of books for our families and students. This will support learning not only at school but at home.

Our goal is to have 1000 books. In order to make this happen we need about $3000 to fill our shelves. We hope to open the library in March.

We cannot express our immense  gratitude for your contribution. We believe our community can make our families' dream come true.