APS Announces New P-8 School Location

Wheeling Students One of our APS 2020 core beliefs is that all students must have equitable access to learning opportunities, technology and environments that support them in reaching their full potential. One way that we ensure equitable access is with bond-funded improvements and new construction throughout our district.

Through our 2016 bond program, we are also pleased to announce the location of a new P-8 school on an 18-acre site in the Harmony subdivision along the E-470 corridor.

APS currently has five P-8 schools that serve students along the E-470 corridor. A new P-8 will address the expected growth in that area. Construction plans are underway and the new school will likely open in fall 2020 or 2021.

We are grateful to Aurora voters for approving the $300 million bond measure in November 2016, which will make improvements at all APS schools and support every student. To learn more about bond-funded projects in our district, visit bond.aurorak12.org.

New P-8 School Location Map

Did You Know?

The 2016 bond program will:

  •      Provide facility and technology improvements at every school
  •      Enhance current APS security measures
  •      Expand academic opportunities for students
  •      Update district cyber security and infrastructure and classroom technology