KUNC Radio: How A Colorado Middle School Brings Mindfulness, Stress Relief To Students And Teachers

North Middle School student Esperanza Montelongo, 12, uses a HeartMath program to regulate her breathing. (Courtesy: KUNC)

Story excerpt:

"Esperanza Montelongo attached a biometric sensor to her ear, stood in front of a computer screen and started breathing. With each inhale and exhale, a small ball on the screen moved up and down, mimicking her breaths.

'It just keeps going and going and when this fills up, if it’s all green, that means your heart is calm and you’re breathing right,' she said.

Montelongo, 12, is in the M.E. (said as 'me') Wing at North Middle School Health Science and Technology campus in Aurora. She is using a computer program called HeartMath to help regulate her breathing.

The idea behind the M.E. Wing – and programs like HeartMath – is to help students who are disrupting class or feeling angry change their behavior."