Security Vestibule Construction Underway

School Security Sign

Ensuring students and staff members are safe every day is our top priority at Aurora Public Schools. We are using bond funds to improve building hardware and infrastructure to make certain that learning environments remain safe and productive for all.

This month, we are beginning construction at Jamaica Child Development Center on the building’s new bond-funded security vestibule. The security enhancement will ensure that school visitors follow check-in procedures at the front office before entering the rest of the building.     

Jamaica is one of 21 schools throughout the district receiving this safety feature. Security vestibules will also be installed at 10 elementary schools this summer. Work on these projects is expected to be complete in time for the 2018-19 school year. We will install security vestibules at the remaining 10 schools in summer 2019.

We are grateful to Aurora voters for approving the $300 million bond measure in November 2016. To learn more about bond-funded projects throughout APS, visit