Aurora Sentinel: Colorado schools STEM-pede!

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Anastasia Gouts plays with her wind turbine in a renewable energy class on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at Rangeview High School. Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentine

Story excerpt:

"America’s in need of the next generation of Einsteins and Turings.

The country is facing a deficit of young minds geared up to head into STEM careers, the buzz-wordy acronym for science, technology, engineering and math that has been driving the conversation on educational reforms for more than a decade. But to help cultivate the future innovators in math and science, the country’s education system needs more than just a focus on the hard skills of a STEM-based education.

It also needs to ensure students are spending as much time learning about Mozart and Van Gogh as they are about equations and formulas.

'People look at (arts and sciences) as an either/or situation,' said Kevin Riebau, learning resources director for APS. 'I would posit when we take a look at how kids learn, they’re at their best when they’re able to put their learning of any content matter into the context of what’s relevant and making connections to the real world around them.'"