Dartmouth Principal Gives APS Seniors Priceless Graduation Gifts

Senior year is full of memories that last a lifetime. From prom to graduation and more, it’s a period in most teenagers’ lives that’s quite sentimental. Yet, Dartmouth Elementary School Principal Jeanne Ulrich found a way to make it even more special for several APS students.

During Ulrich’s first year at Dartmouth, she conjured up the awesome idea of having the fifth grade class write letters to their future selves. Fast forward to 2018, those children are now high school seniors preparing for graduation, so what better time than now to have them revisit their younger selves?

Ulrich invited her former students, who are now scattered across Aurora, to visit their old stomping grounds for an amusing walk down memory lane. She also invited the mother of one student who passed away. When the mother read her son’s letter, she was tearfully thankful.

Ulrich and her colleagues greeted the students who were able to make it with a slideshow that flashed old photos of them and their classmates. The presentation was accompanied by classic songs like Alphaville’s “Forever Young.” Students were then handed their letters and old yearbooks.

“I honestly don’t even remember doing this!” Rangeview High School senior Rita Burgos exclaimed. But lo and behold, there was a letter with her name on it. In her younger years, Burgos believed she would become a successful veterinarian. Was she right? Well, not quite. Burgos now aspires to become a sign language teacher!

When her classmate Estevan Monreal Zamarripa opened his letter, he was most surprised that his penmanship was so magnificent in his younger days. He also found it hilarious that he expressed excitement about life as a soccer player when he was young, given the fact that he doesn’t play soccer. Monreal Zamarripa studies at Pickens Technical College and looks forward to obtaining a motorcycle mechanic degree.

Rangeview’s Rupjot Nagra enjoyed her letter, as well. In it, she mentioned becoming a fashion designer. Now, instead of making people look good, Nagra wants to help people feel safe. She volunteers with the Aurora Police Department and hopes to serve her community as a police officer.

“It’s so great to bring students back to such an innocent time in their lives,” said Ulrich. “It’s truly priceless.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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