Every Student Has a Voice. Every Student Has A Story

In Aurora Public Schools, we believe diversity is our strength. Not only do our students come from more than 130 countries and speak more than 160 languages, they also embody a rich diversity in their life experiences. From refugees to self-proclaimed princesses, poets and much more, we know that every APS student has a compelling story to share.

Through a heartwarming project called Aurora Story or A Story, the APS Aurora Wellness and Resilience in Education team proudly provides a public platform that lifts every student’s voice. Jovan Mays, former Aurora poet laureate, developed A Story during the 2017-18 school year. Even though it is only in its infancy, the project has already caught widespread media attention and has proven to be vital to the fabric of our community.

The most inspiring aspect of A Story is each student’s willingness to be deeply honest and transparent as they share important and intimate moments in their lives. One student, for example, shared how he battles a terminal illness and found strength to transform his trials into triumphs. Others have utilized the platform to share their incredible journeys toward obtaining a good education, fighting for human rights, sharing their culinary passions and more.

Visit the Aurora Story website to gain a deeper understanding about the students who truly make Aurora great.