APS Students Become AmeriTowne Citizens and Entrepreneurs

Often, youth grow up unprepared to face a world where balancing checking accounts, applying for jobs and learning about politics is essential to adulthood.  

More than 1,000 APS fifth-grade students recently took a break from regular classroom activities and became citizens in a simulated city known as Young AmeriTowne. This award-winning educational event organized by Young Americans Center for Financial Education, provides students with hands-on experience running a town and its businesses, engaging in the international economy and starting businesses. Students spent months preparing to run the town’s stores, medical center, radio station and more.

Young AmeriTowne is one example of the many activities students are participating in for College and Career Success Month. For more information regarding postsecondary preparation opportunities we are providing throughout and beyond April, visit the APS College and Career Success website at ccs.aurorak12.org.


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