Group of APS Seniors Graduate College before High School!

There is a natural order in life, which also applies to education. A student enters preschool or kindergarten and progresses through elementary, middle and high school before pursuing his or her college and career goals.

However, a few ambitious Aurora Public Schools students are breaking the mold. A group of seniors from across the district will soon graduate college with their associate degrees before graduating from high school!

Thanks to the Concurrent Enrollment Program, a partnership between APS and the Community College of Aurora, students can earn college credits while still enrolled in high school. This means high school graduates can immediately enter their junior year in college, saving them not only time, but money.

APS also offers the Accelerating Students Through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT) program, which allows students who have earned at least 12 college credits at the time of graduation to continue their high school careers for a fifth year at a community or technical college. APS covers their tuition and fees.

Some students combine both programs and only have one year of college to complete by the time they graduate high school!

One group of Hinkley High School students has proven to be a “Flight Above the Rest.” Pamela Arzate, Rayn Fox, Quan Le, Aimee Nguyen, Christian Ortiz, Seiloni Sanfit, Jenny Torres De Santiago and Roberto Valenzuela make a whopping eight seniors who will adorn themselves in CCA’s caps and gowns to accept their associate degrees before Hinkley’s Senior Check-Out Day.

These students created a powerful bond with one another in elementary and middle school and stand proudly as their families’ first-generation of college students. Many from the group will soon head to nursing school while others plan to pursue careers in law, education and film.

Congratulations to each APS student who continues to soar above and beyond all expectations as they prepare for college and career success. We wish them the best in their future endeavors!