Thank you, APS Teachers, Nurses, School Nutrition Employees, Speech Therapists, Audiologists and More!

May is our month of gratitude as we recognize the teachers, nurses and school nutrition employees who help our students shape successful futures.

Please join us May 7-11 in celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week, National Nurses Week and School Nutrition Employee Week. This is a time to honor these amazing professionals for their continuous contributions to education.

Together, they create positive learning environments for students. Our teachers make learning engaging and equitable so every student can reach their full potential. Our caring nurses tend to students’ daily and emergency health needs and our nutrition team serves healthy meals—even during summer break—that provide students the fuel they need to thrive.

On behalf of our students, families and community members, we say thank you to these everyday heroes.

Wayne Blackwell, Pickens Technical College HVAC Instructor

“I love my job. It gives me the honor and privilege to provide something that can never be taken away—education. I have the opportunity to teach skills and build good character while helping students become contributing members of society. Education is something you keep forever and I am proud to be a part of that. Their success is MY success.”


Margaret McKercher, RN, BSN, NCSN - Aurora Public Schools Nurse

“I love serving APS as a registered nurse, bridging the gap between two complex systems—public education and health care. I enjoy promoting health, disease and injury prevention, as well as school management of acute and chronic health needs. Our health services not only allow students to better access their education today, but to achieve their potential for a healthy and productive adulthood later.”


Beatriz Serrano, Tollgate Elementary School Kitchen Manager

“I love my job as an APS Nutrition Services employee because I have the freedom to express my ideas. I can share my passion for cooking by serving our students fulfilling meals. I have everything on hand to prepare quick, delicious and, most importantly, nutritious recipes that help students focus in class. In Tollgate’s kitchen, I have a team that works with me, not for me! Where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

May is also Better Hearing and Speech Month, a time to raise awareness about communication disorders and the speech therapists, audiologists, speech-language pathologists and others who provide life-altering treatment. Our district experts help students articulate their ideas with confidence, making effective communication accessible and achievable for all.

On behalf of the APS Board of Education, students, families, staff and community members, I would like to share a heartfelt thank you to our APS team members for their vital contributions to education and for working so diligently to help every APS student shape a successful future.