Supt Message: Board Meeting Update – 5/15/2018

On Tuesday, May 15 the Board held its monthly Workshop Meeting. As we near the end of the school year, the Board work sessions often include review of some longitudinal data and updates on the implementation of larger district initiatives. In this meeting the Board heard presentations related to:

  • APS Innovation Zone (ACTION Zone) – The Office of Autonomous Schools (“OAS”) recapped the Zone history and updated the Board on the process and progress of implementation.
  • Fletcher/Rocky Mountain Prep conversion – OAS also provided a recap and analysis of this work. Next year will be the last year of the conversion.
  • Climate Surveys – The Board reviewed the climate survey data from our three employee groups, students and parents.

Finally, the Board discussed the launch of “Blueprint APS”. Blueprint is the process where we will engage with stakeholders to discuss and shape the future educational and physical direction of APS. Please stay tuned for further details about this process.

As always, you may review Board minutes and presentations on our website.

Rico Munn
Aurora Public Schools

“My job is to accelerate learning for every APS student, every day.  I do my job by making sure we have the right people, doing the right work, with the right resources in the right way.  My community needs me to do my job.”