Thank You, APS Retirees!

Aurora Public Schools bids a heartfelt farewell to the more than 100 employees who retired during the 2017-18 school
year. This group collectively served APS for over 2,000 years! We are thankful for their dedication to students, parents,
staff and community members. The following are a few retiree highlights:

Steve Hamilton, Columbia Middle School Principal
30 years and 3 months in APS














“I’ve spent the majority of my life in APS. I attended Park Lane Elementary School, North Middle School and graduated from Hinkley High School. After completing my college education, I returned to serve students at Aurora Central High School, then Mrachek and Aurora Hills middle schools before ending my career at Columbia Middle School. It’s been an honor to work for APS, which despite its size, has always felt small and more like a family. As I look forward and consider a new phase of life as husband, father and grandfather, know that APS will never be far from my thoughts.”

Debi Hunter-Holen, APS Community Engagement Advocate
27 years and 9 months in APS














“APS has been home since my oldest son began his educational career here in kindergarten. I’ve met many extraordinary people. I’ve had amazing opportunities to learn, grow and expand, not only within the school district, within the APS community as well. I will treasure each moment and each friendship. William James once said to act as if what you do makes a difference, because it does. Knowing I’ve made a difference in the lives of students, parents and community members is second to none.

Roy Smith, Aurora Hills Middle School Community Liaison
25 years and 4 months in APS

“I have had a wonderful experience in APS working with such devoted staff and determined students. It has been a very exciting, prosperous and memorable run. I believe my personal success in APS stems from a phrase I coined 35 years ago and continue to live by, which is to always take time to make time to find time to get the job done on time, all the time. What a pleasure it has been to watch APS grow and become one of the most diverse districts in Colorado. I’m excited to see what its future holds.

Victoria Montoya, Sable Elementary School Teacher
27 years in APS

“As an English Language Acquisition teacher, I have been blessed with the opportunity to interact with families from all over the world. My fondest memories will be of supporting students as they developed their communication skills. Many of them started by using nonverbal cues, then one word or phrase, and quickly progressed to complete sentences. I will miss these interactions, but I know the students will remember all of the great learning we shared along the way.”