APS CARES: Safety is our Top Priority

Aurora Public Schools is committed to ensuring every student shapes a successful future. We developed the APS 2026: Faces of the Future strategic plan to encourage students to accomplish three goals: have a plan for their futures, gain skills to implement their plans and earn credentials that open doors.

However, we believe students must first feel safe in their learning environments.

We partner with agencies across the city and implement strong safety and security protocols that we follow every day because we truly care about the well-being of our students, families and staff. We use a comprehensive approach to health and safety as detailed below.

C - Communication: We utilize multiple channels to communicate with our community and encourage students to
report safety concerns.

A - Awareness: Our staff members participate in functional drills with first responders and make sure students practice emergency drills.

R - Relationships: We maintain strong partnerships with the City of Aurora’s police and fire departments as well as local mental health, crisis and social service organizations.

E - Engagement: Our teachers, counselors, psychologists and social workers build trusting relationships with students that make students comfortable to report their concerns.

S - Security: We have a team of highly-trained APS staff members who work together when a potential threat is identified.

Watch the short video below to learn about the many ways APS works to protect our students, families and staff.

APS CARES VideoAPS CARES Video - EspañolHealth & Safety Plan for 2022-23APS CARES Flyer

Did You Know?
•  You can report safety concerns anonymously via Safe2Tell at safe2tell.org or 1-877-542-7233.
•  APS participates in an annual functional drill with first responders to prepare for crises.
•  APS uses the Raptor Visitor Management System to better monitor all visitors.
•  APS uses bond funds to ensure there are security vestibules, updated security cameras and PA systems at all schools.

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