Chalkbeat: Aurora school introduces out-of-the-box redesign with more electives, more teacher collaboration

Aurora Hills Middle School Principal Marcella Garcia interacts with 7th grade students in a STEM classroom. The students worked in pairs to build a model hut that could provide shelter and survival on a deserted island.

Story excerpt:

"With new offerings of elective classes, a full day every week for teachers to train and plan together, and lots of positive feedback already, school leaders at Aurora Hills Middle School are optimistic about their school redesign.

Under the changes this year, the approximately 850 students at Aurora Hills have a full day every week for special courses like music, health, technology, or STEM.

Students and educators refer to that as their Plus day, and students say it’s the fun part of their week. Some students, like those requiring special education and English language learner services, have access that they wouldn’t have had in the past to take such classes."