October is College Application Month!

Most colleges and universities prefer students to start applying for admission a year in advance. For our graduating class of 2019, the time is now.

This is why we are excited to celebrate College Application Month in APS!

Schools are hosting college application days, financial aid assistance nights, career fairs and more to encourage students to submit their college applications before the end of October.

Most college applications require multiple pieces of information to be considered for admission. Some require materials such as letters of recommendation, essays, high school transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, a resume and more.

While application materials vary, it is best to have all the pieces listed above ready and accessible to start the application process. We suggest students obtain letters of recommendation now and ensure their personal essays reflect what makes them unique.

Students who need assistance may stop by one of the college and career centers at Rangeview, Hinkley, Aurora Central or Gateway High School. A high school counseling office is also a great place to find resources and get the process started.

Wear your College Gear Every Friday in October

In celebration of College Application Month, join us in wearing college gear every Friday in October! This can be a great conversation starter with students about the importance of college and how exciting it can be!