APS Student Gears Up to Vote for the First Time!

With Nov. 6 around the corner, Coloradans will have an opportunity to make their voices heard on a wide range of important issues.

One APS voice in particular is gearing up to vote for the very first time come Election Day. His name is Anthony Bello Filiu, a senior at Rangeview High School.

“I want to cast my vote because it is one of the most important tools to express my opinion as a citizen,” said Bello Filiu. “This will be the first time I vote in an election and I’m excited to lend my voice to the countless others that care about enacting positive change within our community.”

Bello Filiu, who was taught the importance of civic duty at a young age, will be the first in his family to vote in a U.S. election.

“My family is very proud of me and I’m excited to vote for what I believe is right,” he said.

We encourage all APS students who are 18 or older to vote! Voting is vital in each student’s quest to shape a successful future.