Happy National School Psychology Awareness Week!

As outlined in the APS 2020: Shaping the Future strategic plan, Aurora Public Schools holds firm to the belief that school environments must support students in reaching their full potential. Thanks to our dedicated school psychologists who work hard to maintain healthy school cultures, students across APS are thriving.

With this in mind, APS is excited to celebrate National School Psychology Awareness Week through Nov. 16 by recognizing our Behavioral Health team for positively impacting students’ lives every day. This year’s theme, "Unlock Potential. Find Your Password!" reminds us to help students unlock the resources, proactive and preventive skills, and positive connections necessary to open the doors to their full potentials.

APS is grateful not only for our amazing Behavioral Health team, but for every student, parent, staff and community member whose efforts, both big and small, help build and maintain healthy and safe environments in our schools. Thanks to Aurora voters who overwhelmingly approved our $35 million mill levy, APS can expand and train high-quality staff who are dedicated to students' mental health.