APS to Expand Four Schools

Tollgate StudentExciting improvements are happening at buildings throughout the district. This spring, Montview Elementary School, Murphy Creek P-8, Aurora Frontier P-8 and Hinkley High School will all receive bond-funded additions and building upgrades.  

Montview’s bond project is underway and will be the largest and most extensive. The school will receive interior remodeling and two additions that will include multiple classrooms.

Both Murphy Creek and Aurora Frontier’s bond improvements include four-classroom additions and interior remodeling to add another classroom.

Construction has also begun on a new eight-classroom addition at Hinkley. This addition will provide an improved space for the school’s health sciences and engineering classes, complete with cutting-edge equipment.

Construction at these four schools is expected to be completed in summer 2019.

We are grateful to the citizens of Aurora who approved a $300 million bond measure in November 2016, which will make improvements at every school in APS and benefit every student.

To learn more about bond-funded projects at APS, visit bond.aurorak12.org.