Pickens Tech Transforms Career Dreams into Reality

Pickens Technical College students aren’t just learning how to swing a hammer or repair a broken computer. They are learning how to build a path to careers after graduation.

Pickens Student Mulugeta Tessema

Pickens staff inspire students every day to follow their dreams by offering courses in a wide range of technical programs. Whether students dream to lead careers in cyber or construction technology, Pickens Tech prepares them to excel in their desired fields. 

The Cyber Technician Program trains students to install, maintain and repair computers, small office networks, and cybersecurity systems. Instructor Joseph Bowen has worked in the computer networking industry for 21 years.

“We get a very diverse group of students who have no background in IT,” said Bowen. “They just come here excited and ready to learn.”

“Mr. Bowen has taught me so much and really got me interested in cybersecurity,” said Pickens student Mulugeta Tessema, who has his sights set on a cybersecurity administrator career. “The staff here are very knowledgeable and provide a great hands-on learning experience.”

For students like Amanda Coleman, a career in construction technology couldn’t be more perfect. Through the Pickens Construction Technology Program, she is gaining the expert construction skills needed for employment with some of the largest firms in Colorado.

Pickens Student Amanda Coleman

Instructor Greg Shamburg teaches students how to read blueprints, estimate construction and remodeling costs, read and interpret building ordinances and codes, and construct frames and roofs.

“We educate students in the classroom but also on jobsites,” said Shamburg. “Our students build actual houses that are placed on the open market. We’ve built and sold over 50 houses.”

“I’ve always been interested in building things and really enjoy helping people,” said Coleman. “The program here doesn’t just give you handbooks on how to read blueprints. It gives you real-world experience.”


February is Career and Technical Education Month!

Spotlight on Pickens Tech: Did you know?

  • Pickens Technical College was named Best Community College in Colorado in 2017 and 2018 by bestcolleges.com.
  • The school offers nearly 50 certificate programs to high school students and adults.
  • APS students receive free tuition for any Pickens Technical College program.
  • Pickens Technical College is one of three area technical colleges in the state.
  • Pickens offers day and evening classes to accommodate students’ schedules.